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Bbooties is an innovative take on warm-up footwear. Developed by Otto Bubeníček, and produced by mother, Ilona Bubeníčková, Bbooties are designed for comfort, warmth and to cater to any individual’s color palate. Designed as a soft boot with fleece lining, and a stable, pliable sole, Bbooties are a great way to keep your feet warm between rehearsals, before class, or even at home!



Bubenicek Booties

are made by my mother Ilona Bubeníčková. They are hand made with my mother’s love. They have been specially developed for comfortable rest and to take care of your feet before and after your performance.

A bit of history

Ilona Bubeníčková studied in the School of Dance and Pantomime in Prague. She married Otto Bubeníček Senior, an acrobat, who worked and performed with the unicycle since age of five. She joined his circus act, “5 Bertis”, which were renowned for their astounding unicycle acts. Otto coached Ilona and performed with the “5 Bertis” together around the world. In 1961 they where at a circus festival in Brno, Czechoslovakia and were nominated as “Best Czechoslovakian Artist”. In 1971 The 5 Bertis were awarded a “Gold Medal” for performing in the circus “Boswell Wilkie” in the Republic of South Africa. In the eighth global festival of circus art in Monte Carlo, they won the “Gold Medal” and “Golden Cup” – Prix du Cirque danc L ‘Univers Festival International du cirque Monaco 1981. In 1986 they won a “Special Award” at the 4th International Circus on Stage in Japan. Ilona was not just a great performer, but because of her ballet education, she brought new esthetic elements with her to the circus. Her feelings and sensitivity for beauty was a great help when she started to create a large assortment of costumes for the circus performances.





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